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Coca-Cola Riedel Glass - Set of 2

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Coca-Cola Riedel Glass - Set of 2
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Two Coca-Cola glasses made by the renowned glass manufacturer, Riedel.
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Inspired by the iconic curves of the original Coca-Cola contour bottle, these glasses are designed to enhance the drinking experience. Shaped by trial and error by a panel of industry experts and Coca-Cola lovers, this form captures the distinct spices, aroma, and taste of Coca-Cola and creates a magical sensorial experience. Sold as two glasses. A unique glass for a taste like no other.
  • Approx. package dimensions: 6.5"x6.5"x3.25"
  • Approx. glass dimensions: 3.5"x3.5"x6.5"
  • Volume: 17oz
  • Material: Crystal (Lead free)
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Origin: Germany
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Additional Information

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Enjoying the Best out of the Best
These are the best things ever! As for not having a logo, the iconic shape says it all. They are so delicate I'm ashamed of how many I've broken but they'll make more. I put mine in the freezer and then 1 can and 2 cubes of ice makes the perfect drink Review by BrianKnowsIt (posted on 7/26/2019)
Taste the Diference
Riedel Knows Coca-Cola! Put your Coke in your normal glass, the do the same with Riedel Coke Glass. You have NEVER actually tasted what Coke was meant to taste like. First time we did at a Riedel Wine Tasting. Couldn't believe the difference. Review by Skygoddess (posted on 11/10/2018)
Bought 4 glasses (2 packs) and returned them. They are tiny. You can only get the ice there one by one by hand. 3-4 big cubes of ice max. Not much space left for the Coke. When I drink Coke I want to drink it. It is not a wine tasting with 10ml of wine in a glass... So light and thin that I was afraid to give them to my children. No Coca-Cola logo!!! Any good things to say ? - I did not see one.... Review by Pila (posted on 11/10/2017)