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Coca-Cola Can Power Bank

USD 16.95
Coca-Cola Can Power Bank
8 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

8 Item(s)

Review by Vicky Nhu (posted on 3/1/2018)
It is very appealing to the eye a nice ice breaker
This is a very nice concept that I would like to buy Review by Willie (posted on 10/19/2017)
Pas on this
Came with no directions. Went to their website. No directions on how to use it. I would recommend not buying it. They have a ton of other “cute” gadgets to buy. Review by Beano (posted on 5/7/2019)
Works for now
Doesn't come with instructions or tell you anything about it. Its cute Review by Danyell (posted on 3/29/2019)
Small and cute
I bought this in Disney Springs because I needed a back up battery. It comes with literally no directions, only the FCC specs page. I plugged in into my charger and so far Ann it has done is blink red. I have no idea what that means, since there are no directions and nothing on Google either. The sales clerk told me it came partially charged. If it isn’t blinking green soon, I’m taking it back no matter how small. And cute it is! Review by Kmd (posted on 3/8/2019)
Do not buy
Bought this - no directions - never worked - terrible product Review by Hendejm (posted on 7/2/2019)
Defective product or just cheap manufacturing?
Purchased from the official Coca-Cola store in Disney Springs or whatever they're calling it now. Barely worked fresh from the package. Charging it is finicky and you have to position it right or else it won't charge. After a month it's completely unresponsive. Won't take a charge or give one. The charging indicator light might flash for a second if you move around the cable but nothing else. Waste of money. You're paying for the logo and nothing else. Take your money and buy a REAL portable power bank that works. Review by Mike (posted on 4/29/2019)
Beware — did not work
I received it as a gift from a friend in perfect-condition original packaging. I was super excited as I love Coke and loving showing off Coke paraphernalia. I opened it and charged it right away, probably waiting about an hour or so and then I plugged it into my phone to test it out. Unfortunately, it didn't work — my phone didn't even have the charging icon come up or anything. I tried it out with a few different cables so it was definitely the power bank's issue. Really disappointing to see this kind of quality come from such a big brand. Review by West (posted on 1/7/2019)

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