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Coca-Cola Share a Vend

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Coca-Cola Share a Vend
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Share a Coke with your friends and family with the Coca-Cola vending pass. Just enter the recipient’s name and mobile number below to send them a pass loaded with a free vend. The Coca-Cola vending pass works with Apple® Wallet or Android Pay™ enabled phones. Find Coca-Cola vending machines.
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Sharing an ice-cold Coca-Cola with friends and family has never been easier! Send a Vend by entering the recipient’s name and mobile number. Once your purchase is complete, you can send them a link via email or SMS text to load their free vend on the Coca-Cola vending pass. Once the recipient has the vending pass in their mobile wallet, it can be used at select Coca-Cola vending machines across the U.S. The Coca-Cola vending pass will be stored in the mobile device’s wallet. The recipient will open up the Coca-Cola vending pass and hold their mobile device up to the card reader on the vending machine to use the pass. Recipient must have a smartphone with either Apple® Wallet or Android Pay™. More details on the Coca-Cola vending pass.
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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 37 item(s)

Best soda on the market.
Absolutely love Coke Zero Review by Snickerdoodle (posted on 11/4/2019)
I really like this app
I really like this app Review by Boie (posted on 10/29/2019)
This is amazing! I use it for friends at work. It allows them to get 1 free vend at participating Coke machines. The pass is worth up to $5.00. So if they have say an energy drink which is $2.50, they got it for $1.59. Awesome service. Review by Justin Credible (posted on 6/2/2019)
Fun advertisement
Love RETRO Review by Dann (posted on 6/2/2019)
Love it
Good Review by Shorty (posted on 5/2/2018)
it was good the the
it was good did okay fun on the compture it go the at go at at the home okay Review by bahnson (posted on 2/11/2018)
Very interesting Review by Brina (posted on 1/29/2018)
I love this Review by Mel (posted on 1/22/2018)
Because Coca-Cola has always been a favorite drink
Coca-Cola has been one of my best soft drinks ever with all the different brands and varieties I love them all Review by John Dunlap (posted on 1/1/2018)
Easy to gift these , My son was happy , now I can be sure he's good when away from home.
Santa Sleigh now carrying Refreshing drinks all year around Review by Sugah Baby (posted on 12/27/2017)
share... a coke
A good idea and a friendly gesture to give to a friend or someone in need Review by ag thompson (posted on 10/25/2017)
Love it
What a sweet way to treat my friends afar Review by Danigyrl (posted on 1/6/2020)
Perfect idea
This is a great program. There's been so many times I've been out and don't have enough change on me to buy a coke from a vending machine. This will be perfect to have preloaded in my android wallet. Review by Cheryl in Metro Atlanta (posted on 1/19/2018)
What's the sense of saving CODES?
Why can't we purchase these with all these codes I've saved from drinking your product Its a shame coke has to pick what I want and have to pay for it to get it when my loyalty to should be given back to me for the products I've drank in the past. Review by mebden (posted on 12/1/2019)
Fun to use. Will brighten someone's day but will you be adding Samsung pay soon? Review by michele (posted on 4/4/2018)
not good
not much instructions on this not sure it works Review by joyce (posted on 1/5/2018)
Needs Work!
I placed two vend orders. The first one showed up in my Apple Wallet as soon as I added the Coke pass card. The credit for the second vend did not show up despite the fact that I received an e-mail confirmation of the order and a text confirmation on the phone it was sent to. It was my understanding that if a Coke pass card was already set up additional credits should show up automatically. This did not work for me. I called the helpdesk and someone is supposed to contact me within two business days. Review by Not happy with Share a Vend (posted on 2/18/2019)
I have only seen one vend machine. but the cost was $2.00 so i guess its a deal. Review by Zamboni Dave (posted on 2/5/2019)
No machines locally, and 2x the normal vendor cost , cokes are 85 cents .. Review by Yurmommaslover (posted on 6/26/2018)
Easy, but expensive.
Just one use code???? Paying $1.59 for a bottle of coke it is not a great offer. Review by Mamoc73 (posted on 6/11/2018)
THIS PROGRAM ISN'T WORTH SQUAT...……. Review by ML35901 (posted on 3/25/2020)
This left a sour taste in my mouth for Coke apps and products.
I tried to carry over my points from, but the new app wouldn't even let me verify and accept the changes.
I called 800 in Atlanta to get clarified about the new app and was told that if I was "challenged by the App" that I should just go to and do it there. (I informed the REP that I managed S/W development groups, that fix user systems like this less than acceptable App from Coke.)
Finally tried the drill through 'rewards' tab, only to find out that:
" I have to purchase my reward?" YGBKM (<17 version)
I will take any semblance of the coke APP off my phone, watch, and IPad to avoid future frustrations! Review by MACH1 (posted on 2/3/2020)
Zero stars
Bring back the old rewards program. The time it takes toTRY to read codes & load them...not worth it. Review by Kadi B (posted on 1/27/2020)
BRING BACK MYCOKEREWARDS Please! And where is Coke Zero 1.25 Ltr bottles in New Orleans?
This new system is a joke. Put in points to "maybe" earn a $5 gift card? Maybe twice a year get a magazine subscription (which I BEGGED for them to bring back)! I have LOADS of caps and 12, 20 and 24 pack cardboard codes that I USED to get free Coke coupons with, free clothing, etc. MyCokeRewards was so much better! And BTW, why is there no Coke Zero 1.25 Lt bottles available in the entire city of New Orleans, Metairie or Kenner? I love Coke Zero but this rewards program is for the birds! Review by Xphile1067 (posted on 12/10/2019)
No Machines accept Vending Pass.
How are there no vending pass machines in the whole state of Kentucky? There are billions of coke machines but none accept vending pass? It seems like an easy process. Review by Ryan (posted on 11/18/2019)
Need old rewards system back!
Go back to the old rewards system! Let us pick our prizes! Review by Kat (posted on 10/7/2019)
Not worth it
I have to spend hours work in this application for $1.59 not worth it Review by David (posted on 8/11/2019)
share a vend
/vending machines not customer friendly. I like the old way to get coke rewards. Review by Mik (posted on 7/24/2019)
I like the old way of getting Coke it was easier and more fun. I have all these caps and have not used it on anything yet. Review by Pat (posted on 7/10/2019)
Coke vending rewards not user friendly
Vending rewards are not customer or user friendly, esp. if you don't own a smart phone as there are still some of us old timers out there. :) Review by Diana (posted on 5/30/2019)
Lavk of machines
No machines near by Review by Cmay (posted on 3/28/2019)
Miss The Old Coke Rewards Program...
I LOVE Coke, But Not Given The Opportunity To Save Cap Codes For Free Soda Or The Other Items That Was Offered. This Has Become Not Worth My Time..... Coke Vending Machines Not Even Offered Anywhere Close To Me... (And The Cost Of $1.59 For A Vending Pass?? Coke Doesn't Even Cost That Much) So I Miss The OLD Coke Rewards ... :( Review by None (posted on 12/18/2018)
Share a vend
Found one machine that was supposed to work and no go Review by Ed (posted on 11/23/2018)
Coke here is 2.75 in vending machine
No thanks Review by Kittydark (posted on 11/15/2018)
Not so great!
Not that great. No participating machines in my area. :(Not Review by Mary (posted on 5/30/2018)
Not good!
Need more details and need to be in every state! Thanks god I didn’t share because there not one in our state! I would be totally upset if I couldn’t get a refund! Glad I check on vend in our state! Review by Reviewer (posted on 4/30/2018)