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Join Coca‑Cola In
Supporting Our
Healthcare Heroes

Send beverages to doctors, nurses and healthcare workers across the US with the Coca‑Cola Vending Pass

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At Coca‑Cola, we're continuing our commitment to support communities in times of crisis. Today, we're showing our appreciation for the essential healthcare workers and emergency responders on the COVID-19 frontlines. Through "Share a Vend", people everywhere can join us in keeping our healthcare heroes hydrated with their favorite Coca‑Cola beverages, a refreshing way to say “thank you” to those keeping our communities healthy and safe.

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Healthcare Heroes

Showing your appreciation to healthcare heroes with an ice-cold Coca‑Cola has never been easier! Send a Vend by entering the recipient's name and mobile number.

Once your purchase is complete, we will send you an email where you can send your healthcare hero a link via email or SMS text to load their free vend on the Coca‑Cola vending pass. If they do not have a Coca‑Cola Vending Pass they may download one from texting "wallet" to 2653, or visiting and typing in their phone number. Either action will send them a text to download the pass to their Apple wallet or Android Pay wallet.

Once the recipient has the vending pass in their mobile wallet, it can be used at select Coca‑Cola vending machines across the U.S. Recipient must have a smartphone with either Apple® Wallet or Android Pay.

Share A Vend

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